hoss_windsurfhossegor_lakeThe Hossegor lake and canal are tidal, but the water is calm and it is possible to swim out a long way before the depth exceeds 2 metres. The lake supports a variety of activities including fishing, windsurfing, and dinghy sailing – plus a gastronomic delight! fresh oysters from the lake are served with champagne at lunchtime in several of the hotels on the shore line.

Our favourite restaurant: ‘Degustation du Lac’ borders the lake.  If you time your visit right and get a front-of-balcony seat (unfortunately not easy in peak season) you can watch the sun go down over the water as you dine.  If the tide happens to be in (the lake is salt water fed from the sea), the reflection of the stting sun across the water is a sight to behold.

Hossegor has some good shops for ladies fashions and also for ‘surfing dudes’ who want to pay the earth to wear shorts and shirts with the right branding. In September, during the World Championships, you are quite likely to bump into international stars from the surfing scene strutting their stuff on the High Street.