Sleeping Accommodation

Q1 ? Is there a cot for babies
A1. Yes a travel cot is provided but you will have to erect and dismantle it yourself.

Q2 ? What about children who are too big for a travel cot but too small for the lower bunk?
A2. A mini-bed is available on the mezzanine which has fixed sides of height 0.3m. (approx 1.2m long x 0.7m wide x 0.3m high).
If you wish to position this in the cabin room you would be responsible for carrying it downstairs and returning it to the mezzanine at the end of your holiday. The housekeeper always assumes that babies use single-sized sheets and these will have to be folded appropriately for the mini-bed or cot.

Q3 ? Our two adolescent children: a boy of 16 yrs and a girl of 17 yrs would not share a room. Is the accommodation suitable for us?
A3. The twin-bedded room on the mezzanine floor is fairly extensive, and most adolescents of the same sex (boys or girls) would chose to share this space. However, in the case of mixed sexes, I would suggest that one should have exclusive use of the mezzanine and the other should occupy the bottom bunk in the cabin room downstairs. This cabin room is smaller and has limited storage for clothing so, unless you have the wisdom of Solomon, you might have to toss a coin to determine who goes where.